Hot Stone Massage

Combine Therapeutic benefits of heat and Massage

Hot stone can be used with several massage modalities, including Swedish massage. When placing stones, I use a sheet, towel or clothing between the client’s bare skin and the hot stone. During stone placement, the heat takes 3 to 4 minutes—on average—to fully penetrate the layers of resistance/material before you can accurately discern if the stones are too hot.

  • Hot stone massage is a therapeutic, natural healing massage. These stones have a specific magnetic quality that makes them beneficial for your body.
  • Stone therapy is a treatment where stones are used as a massage tool that open and warm the muscle tissue making them more susceptible to therapy.
  • These stones can be classified as basaltic, metamorphic or igneous. They come from natural sources giving peace and comfort to your rest during and after treatment. The stones retain and radiate heat for a long time because of their rich mineral content.
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