About Me

About me

A series of experiences in my early twenties led me to the opportunity and profound spiritual transformation that radically changed the course of my life, ultimately leading to my life purpose of becoming a Professional Massage Therapist. My work is my life; I do my best with each personal treatment.

In the field of massage, each therapist brings a unique style. That style, in some cases, varies radically from one practitioner to another. In other instances, my personal pressure of touch, the scent of lotions and the professional dedication that I have with my clients makes the difference.

I have the fortune to share my therapy with people with cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis rheumatoid, down’s syndrome, partial and complete paralysis, tumors, among other illnesses. I know that I gained hands-on experience and it inspires me to give the best in every treatment that I offer to each of my clients.

I am a professional, qualified, responsible and punctual worker. I provide to my clients respect, experience and enthusiasm in my job and I am so proud to be productive in this career.

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