Amazing Benefits Of Massage

In 2010 scientists at Cedars-Sinai investigated the physical effects of massage therapy, finding that the 29 subjects who received 45 minutes of Swedish massage had an immune boosting response when compared to the 24 participants who received 45 minutes of light touch.

Hormonal levels and blood cell count were measured before and after the massage, and at regular intervals up to one hour after the massage was done. "This research indicates that massage doesn’t only feel good, it also may be good for you," explains Dr. Mark Rapaport, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences.

An hour of massage therapy from head to toe focuses on the part of the body that needs sole attention. It produces incredible relaxation, transforming pain into relief. The liberation of stress gives the body a new start after each therapy session.

  • Reduction in the levels of Pain: One of the best benefits of the massage therapy is the reduction in the levels of pain in an individual. With any of ill health the body can experience severe levels of pain and massage therapy can help to reduce and soothe the pain to a large extent.
  • Improving the supply of Blood: Taking the massage therapy sessions regularly can help to increase the blood supply in the region of nerves and parts which are numb.
  • Improving the range of Movements in the body: Massage therapy can help to increase the range of movements in the body, particularly of the parts which are numb and hard to move. Remove toxins and help the body to rest from pain.
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