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April Rain
5 stars Gabi was by far the best massage I have ever received in my life. This is not an understatement, read on and you'll see why. I was visiting Tucson and had a lot of stress and typically don't do massages while traveling because I have an excellent masseuse in Atlanta, and I hate wasting money on fluff massage. I define fluff as you paid for 60 minutes but really get 45, they barely apply pressure and spend more time preparing the bed and towels than focusing on you). Gabi was the opposite she gave more than you'd expect and then some. In addition to the unbelievable healing massage, she had a trusting, calm presence and exuded positive energy. We discussed my inability to relax or let stress go she offered to play some mediation sessions during my massage which resonated with me. I felt like I was relaxing my mind as much as my body. They say the universe gives you what you need if you're willing to ask and accept it, I think it was fate that my first call looking for a massage delivered Gabi. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or deep muscle therapy you won't find anyone better, she worth 3x more than she charges. Afterward, I was so relaxed, and the pain in my neck was completely gone that for the first time in a year I went to bed before 11 pm and slept 9 hours. If you have a few extra minutes to hear her background (I invited the conversation) it's a motivating and encouraging story about strength and beating the odds, and it shows in work. She is not just a masseuse she is a healer!!! I am not a person who writes many reviews, but I felt a deep sense of gratitude after meeting her and if I can communicate to others what a fantastic service she delivers then this is the least I can do.

Matthew Sanders
5 stars I have the pleasure to be Gaby Brown's client for the last 12 years, she provides professional sport massage. She travels to my house - "Exclusiveness". Its great to have my privacy and don't have to drive so I can rest after her amazing therapy. It's the best service I have ever had. My schedule changes and my life is busy but Gaby is always available for me once a week for two hour massage, at the time and day I need my appointment. This is incredible time for me when I get spoiled after all the work, stress and workout. Gaby is a sweet person with a wonderful heart.

Bob and Tina Fuss
5 stars Love love love Gaby! I get stress headaches and with regular massage from Gaby I have no issues. Being in my own home for a massage is amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way. My husband and I usually book a massage night together. Gaby has also come for a weekend to do 6 massages for visiting family. Whatever massage you want, Gaby can do.

Diane Wilson-Schecter
5 stars I have had the pleasure of having Gaby Brown of Art Hands Massage as my massage therapist for three years. She is professional, caring and intuitive to the bodies needs. I especially like the Wood Sculpting Therapy that she adds to the full body massage. The effects last weeks afterwards. I highly recommend her services for anyone interested in improving their well-being, both physically and mentally!

Treasure Amplo
5 stars Gabby was amazing. Very thorough and made me feel like a queen. I had mentioned to her that I may need to reschedule as I stayed home from work with a migraine and she insisted I come anyway,that she would help it. Well she did, and I am so glad that I took her suggestion to go ahead and make it to her place, it was amazing. Her Cranuim message was the answer to a bad migraine day. I felt wonderful after her full massage and migraine wonders!! She made me feel amazing and relaxed I didn't want to leave that massage table but of course I had too!! She is amazing and does good work, I would highly recommend her services to anyone!! Oh I do need to mention she has given me the best massage I have ever had in my life, and I have had alot :-)

Bonnie Altamirano
5 stars Top Notch! Professional! Great massage techniques and services! Attentive to my needs! I highly recommend! This is the BEST massage i have ever had! Thank you!

Tony Granito
5 stars I have had the pleasure of getting many massages from Gabi from Art Hands Massage. She gives the best massage I've ever had. I will list what I like about her massages. 1. Gabi came to me at my house at my convenient time. 2. Gabi brought a CD player and played relaxing music and beach sounds during the massage. 3. She uses soothing lotions. 4. Gabi starts talking at the beginning for the massage and makes me feel very relaxed. 5. Once the massage is under way she stops talking and contuse the massage. 6. Every time I received a massage from Gabi I feel asleep and I guess that shows how relaxing her massages are. Bottom line, Gabi from Art Hands gives the best massage I ever had.

brianna perez
5 stars Best massage ever she takes her time cares about your concerns & performs a great service ive been to many places & by far she is the best i definitely recommend her โ™กโ™ก she has amazing hands & is very blessed โ™ก๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‡

Janet Nodine
5 stars Very soothing and healing massage. Gaby really cares about you and your experience. She is the BEST!!!

ysly padilla
5 stars Great experience. I totally recommend Gaby. Hard dedicated women with great positive vibes. Very professional love love love her.

Karla Cortez
5 stars Gaby Brown is simply amazing!! Best massage in Tucson you won't be disappointed she cares about each and every one of her clients I have been fortunate to have her as my massage therapist for years I highly recommend art hands massage by Gaby!

Charles Caraway
5 starsGabbi is awesome !! I Always feel so relaxed that I fall asleep every time ! She is the Best highly recommended ๐Ÿ‘Œ

William Martin
5 stars

5 stars After suffering months of pain from minor sport injuries Gaby was my cure. Her "magic touch" allowed me to get back to my hobby with a new and improved range of motion. Gaby is incredible masssage therapist, full of love for her work, she knows how to put all the good energy in each of her treatments. She can go deep to your core and even then relax your body totally. She became our excellent friend, always recommend her.

5 stars Gaby has an incredible healing touch. Her intuitive style and gentle, nurturing approach is perfect for someone healing from injury or trauma. I have been receiving body work from her for over 10 years. She has been easily turning my body into butter for quite some time now... I am a runner and frequently suffer shin splints or stress fractures in my legs. Gaby loosens body to continue to train and race. Always recommend her, of course!.

5 stars My brother bought me a massage gift certificate as my birthday present and it was one of the most enjoyable presents I have received. Gaby fill my day with tranquility, two hour massage, the best two hours that I ever had, it was overall incredibly powerful in my body, my mind and I feel rested for days. I am Gaby's happy client for over 8 years, now friends and family look forward to have a massage.

5 stars This is undeniably one of those instances where you want to give a great review but are hesitant because you don't want the world to know your secret and now you'll have to wait weeks before getting an appointment ! I totally recommend Gaby, she is passionate to her profession as a massage therapist, quality therapy personalized to your aches and pains, strong hands, smooth touch, always smiling, she's the best !

5 stars I booked a massage with Gaby in november 2011. She arrived on time at my house, she was courteous and fun to chat with.Not only was the massage perfectly therapeutic, she put attention to my feet, hands, on my face, neck and shoulders. An amazing treatment that I never had, craniosacral massage, combination of stretches, finger pressure, face trigger points and wow!!! Since then I am still her devout client.

5 stars When you are 6'2" 225 pound athlete the quality of massage is not very good. My first massage with Ms. Brown, wasn't sure what to expect ... I introduced myself waiting for her to "to run to the door".
Instead, she was pleasant, professoinal, working with strong, firm hands my neck, upper back, arms, lower back. I was so relaxed that I woke myself up to the loud snoring I had initiated :) I sure recommend her to anyone!

Jams Panico
5 stars Gaby Brown is a fabulous massage therapist! Over the years I have had experience with many therapists and I can say from that perspective that Gaby's work technique is full of positive energy and healing. She puts a lot into her work and you will get a lot out of her experience.

Janet Nodine
5 stars Gaby at Art Hands Massage gives the most relaxing massage with beautiful music at your home. She's the best and most personal massage therapist ever and I havd a lot of them. Gaby is so caring and perceptive I feel 100% better after her treatment. At the time, day that I need it, at my home where is peace and no interruptions.
Best, Janet Nodine.

5 stars I almost don't want to share my therapist with anyone but you'll be happy if I do. I was lucky enough to have Gabby recommended to me many years ago. I get a massage twice a month . Her expertise and ability to work out the pain of my muscles is incredible. She is a travel massage therapist and to me very unique and special. She offers more than a "commercial" massage - uses many different techniques. My favorite is craniosacral massage using therapy that only she knows how to do. A real treat to our busy life. She is still the best.

Sara Wardman
5 stars We have the pleasure to be Gabrielle clients. She provides us massage twice a month. Two different modalities. Sport massage for my husband who is an athlete whom only Gabby can relax his muscles. Swedish massage that is deep, painless, smooth that puts my body at ease after the daily routine. We totally recommend her, she's organized and efficient in her line of work.

Sandy Cook
5 stars My first message was a prenatal massage. The deep work on my lower back really helped me recover from the natural pain of the pregnancy in a way that nothing else had. Gaby's travel massage is a wonderful thing. I just have to be relaxed and stay relaxed after treatmen.t She's a professional masseuse and she's the best. I have massage twice a month from her. It's a gift that I really deserve in my busy life.

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